About Monica Ros School

Monica Ros School is an independent school devoted to the early education of preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool children of the Ojai Valley.  As you set foot on the Monica Ros School campus, you are invited into a world where imaginative play and outdoor activities are central. Several new buildings have been added since the School was founded in 1942, but many classes are still held in the original bungalow cottages in this magical setting on Ojai’s East End. To continue to provide what Founder Monica Ros called “right beginnings,” we place high priority on intertwining the arts, the outdoors, and foreign language immersion with a strong, balanced, core of academics.

Monica Ros School is dedicated to early childhood education, beginning at age three and continuing through grade three.  We have four preschool classrooms, one kindergarten, and one class of each grade level from first through third. Every child, from preschool through third grade, participates in special music classes, plays, dance experiences, and opportunities to create fine art.  At the end of each school year, grade school children combine their talents to produce a school musical, featuring an original script, music, singing, and dancing. Our program includes Spanish immersion classes that all children experience multiple times each week.  Teachers employ developmentally appropriate practices to actively encourage curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, support individual creativity, and promote cooperative social interactions.