The Philosophy of an Early-Childhood Focus


We all want our children to be eager students: curious, resourceful, and resilient. The seeds for those qualities are planted in the first years of schooling. Their first experience away from home sets the stage for a time that seems almost impossibly far away to most of us parents: college, independence, moving out! For years students have been wishing that they could stay at Monica Ros until that time comes. Many parents would be happy if it at least lasted until sixth grade….or, maybe eighth. But, what makes Monica Ros so supportive to the intellectual and emotional growth of young children is its emphasis on young children. We believe that the most natural activity of childhood, imaginative play, can be leveraged for social and intellectual growth. With adding just a bit of memorization and cooperation, child’s play becomes a classroom performance. Community plus imagination equals a student council project. Quickly you can see how young children are capable of great things. At Monica Ros we give them these opportunities for greatness. 

Early Childhood is a distinct developmental stage which begins around 3 and ends between 8 and 9; it is also the focus of Monica Ros School. We know that young children are capable of great things. What makes Monica Ros so supportive to the intellectual and emotional growth of young children is its EMPHASIS on young children.

The “Right Beginnings” are so important! Curiosity, confidence, empathy, resilience, are the bedrock for healthy development. Our earliest experiences form our self-concept; self-concept directs our choices, our choices are our future. Creating an engaged scholar begins in preschool. Not with early academics, but with positive relationships, opportunities to be thoughtful and brave, kind and true. When academic practice is introduced to Monica Ros students, our language arts and mathematics programs combine with the magic of experiential learning to create the motivation to learn that will last a lifetime. These are the “Right Beginnings” and have been instilling a love of learning in generations of Ojai’s children for more than 75 years. 


Ella Giuliani,
5th Grade

Hello, my name is Ella and I am a graduate of Monica Ros School. I went to Monica Ros from preschool to third grade, and I think Monica Ros has made me the best person I could be. They have the best teachers. When I started Monica Ros I was scared to death to go on stage, but after a little bit at Monica Ros, I was acting, singing, and having fun doing it! I loved all the fun field trips, the campout in third grade, the Art, PE, Music, and everything there!

I am now a fifth grader at Topa Topa School. From the first day, I was doing great with all the work and started to make new friends. My parents were so worried about me starting a new school but I did great! I am happy to say I just made the math super bowl! The top 5 kids out of the entire fifth grade (70 kids) get to be part of this fun math competition. I feel that Monica Ros really prepared me academically and socially.

Monica Ros, Mrs.Hardenbergh, and the rest of the school still feel like my family. If it weren’t for Monica Ros, I would not be where I am today. I feel so blessed that I got to start my early childhood years at Monica Ros. I will cherish them always!!