Third Grade at Monica Ros


Thematic Units and Curriculum in Third Grade

The Super Kids language arts program from second grade prepares the kids to make the momentous transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” in third grade. Third graders read from a variety of genres. They use reference materials to research and synthesize information from different sources when working on their state museum project, researching their wax museum characters, their science fair project, and writing research essays. They will also have many opportunities to write, share and discuss their creative stories in class with particular focus on descriptive language and voice.

Our Everyday Math program in third grade continues the study of time, measurement, graphing, geometry, estimation, fractions, multiplication and division, with an additional emphasis on tackling word problems, discussing different approaches to mathematical problems, and working collaboratively on open ended math problems. We will also track the highest and lowest temperatures in the United States throughout the year.

Tinkering in science is a big part of the science curriculum and key to maintaining that love of science that comes so naturally to children at this age. The children will practice their observational skills with each unit in science. Units covered in third grade include, but are not limited to; habitats and adaptation, the study of the sun and planets, energy, matter and light, simple anatomy and physiology of animals and humans, conservation, as well as scientific experimentation and investigation. The third graders also become experts on the geography of the United States and learn about the three branches of government and the election process.

Third Graders at Monica Ros have the unique opportunity to be the leaders at school and to explore the importance of being empathetic and patient role models for the younger students. They are the leaders of their mixed age group lineages each day, the leaders at the student council meetings, and Arts Month rotations, and they take on the lead performances in our grade school performance at the end of the school year. Stretching their leadership muscles in the safe and caring environment of Monica Ros prepares them to be confident and polite citizens as they move on to other schools. In addition, the third graders leave Monica Ros prepared to excel in fourth grade.

The Best Part

Ms. White:  “My favorite part of teaching is seeing the excitement a child experiences when they’re fully immersed in learning or when they’ve accomplished a big challenge. It’s fantastic to see the sense of wonder when they’ve lifted a femur bone from an owl pellet, or when they’re so involved in a discussion about their wax museum characters that they don’t even head out for recess. Lastly, there is also watching the third graders confidently take on their leading roles in the grade school play at the end of the year when acting was so scary just a few years before!”

Ms. Heidi:  Coming soon!


Ms. White &

Ms. Heidi

Emma White (Teacher) has been in the teaching field for fifteen years. After earning her BA from UCLA, she taught around the world in International Schools, from Italy to most recently Thailand! Several years ago she received her Masters of Education from The College of New Jersey. Ms. White grew up in Ojai and is pleased to be back again with her young family. She brings a wealth of experience in the Responsive Classroom approach. Some of her passions in the classroom are inquiry based learning, rich math talks, and anti-bias/anti-racism curriculum. And dance parties, of course!

Heidi Anton (Assistant Teacher)  Coming soon!