Second Grade at Monica Ros


Thematic Units and Curriculum in Second Grade

Our second grade program offers a well-balanced educational curriculum in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Our curriculum directly aligns with California’s educational standards. Skills are taught to meet the multiple learning modalities so each child has the ability to reach their full learning potential. A learning environment that enhances creativity and curiosity is consistently provided.

The SUPERKIDS Language Arts and Daily Five Reading programs offer an integrated reading, writing, spelling, and listening and speaking curriculum. Additionally, the children are introduced to different genres of literature through our monthly “Book Celebrations.” The children are also introduced to different forms of poetry and are taught how to write various genres. Our Everyday Math program offers multiple modality learning opportunities. The mathematical concepts in second grade are: money, time, measurement, place value, fractions, graphing, geometry, and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and introduction to division. Through kinesthetic learning opportunities, we learn and investigate the following science topics: the ocean and surrounding aquatic environments, simple machines and inventions, earth science, and plant science. In social studies, our focus is to explore the following concepts: our individual heritage and culture, our Ojai community and various communities around the world, our United States symbols and monuments, and geography. As part of our social studies curriculum, positive character traits are also explored, modeled, and encouraged throughout the year.

The Best Part

Mrs. Roe (Teacher):  “My favorite academic aspect of teaching second grade is observing the children develop the treasured admiration for reading. It is so rewarding and exciting to see the tremendous growth that takes place as the year progresses. Witnessing a child develop independence and a passion for reading, acquiring the knowledge and appreciation for different genres of literature, and sharing their excitement about various literary works through our monthly Book Celebrations, is personally an absolutely phenomenal experience!

Additionally, it is so exciting to observe the tremendous emotional and social growth that occurs developmentally with each child in second grade. It is thrilling to witness each child continue to cultivate problem solving and critical thinking skills, further develop their self-esteem and social skills, and to simply have the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to become responsible citizens.”

Mrs. Luboff (Assistant Teacher):  Coming soon!

Mrs. Luboff &

Mrs. Roe

Andrea Roe (Teacher) has been teaching at Monica Ros School for many years! She has experience in all of our gradeschool classrooms, and has made Second Grade her ‘home’!  

Diana Luboff (Assistant Teacher)  Coming soon!