Kindergarten at Monica Ros


Team Teaching

In Kindergarten, Monica Ros School uses a team-teaching approach providing small group settings which allow for personal attention to individual needs. Teaching partners Ms. Rebecca Wallace and Mr. Stuart Silverman lead the school’s kindergarten class through focused, engaging lessons. Both teachers have a wealth of experience, are highly educated, and bring a LOVE of teaching that creates the “Monica Ros Magic” in our Kindergarten. 

Thematic Units and Curriculum

Our kindergarten program builds a strong foundation in language arts and mathematics through meaningful and exciting activities based on rotating thematic units. Kindergarten begins under the sea, studying oceans and all of the creatures that live therein. Kindergarten students also study penguins, the rain forest, and embryology through raising their own baby chicks and creating a scientific journal documenting the development of the egg into a chick ready to hatch. They also explore the meaning of 100, the mysteries of the butterfly, and perform in the Kindergarten Opera. All of these special themes are used for the integration of the core areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and the fine arts. 

Kindergarten is when our students begin their formal language arts and mathematics programs: Superkids Reading Program and Everyday Mathematics. Our team teachers break the class into two groups for these subjects, and the smaller focus groups are able to attend to their lessons with high levels of personal attention and instruction. 

Kindergartners also enjoy special Music, Performing Arts, Spanish, Library, and Physical Education (P.E.) classes each week, and they have numerous class performances in addition to the culminating opera performance at the end of the year. They also love getting to know the older students through our Buddy Reading friendships and participating in cross-grade Arts Month and Theme Week activities.

The Best Part

Mr. Silverman (Teacher): Coming soon! 

Mrs. Moreno (Teacher):  “I strive to be an educator where children feel valued, protected, celebrated, empowered, and unconditionally loved every day they are at school. I aim to create a positive learning environment that is responsive to and respectful of the learning needs of all students.  There is nothing more fulfilling than watching children learn and grow in a welcoming and self-paced environment.  Kindergarten is a very special year as we encourage children to be curious, to wonder, think, play, question, and connect with the world around them through a fun and engaging curriculum including our beloved embryology unit where they raise their own baby chicks, annual Theme Week activities, Science Fair and other magical monthly thematic units we have planned for them. I am so honored and excited to be teaching in Kindergarten this year.  As a parent of two children attending Monica Ros for the past five years I am overjoyed to be a part of this wonderful group.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be teaching in a place that has created such special memories for my family and look forward to sharing those same experiences with our Kindergarten families!”   

Mr. Silverman

& Mrs. Moreno

Stuart Silverman (Teacher) has been teaching kindergarten and transitional kindergarten since 1997. He has a Master Teachers Permit, a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Services. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Silverman has taught at Pasadena Polytechnic, Kehillat Israel Early Childhood Center, Sony Pictures Child Development Center, Stratford School, and Woodland Hills Private School. 

Heather Moreno (Teacher) has been a part of the Monica Ros community for 7 years, first as a parent and most recently as our Blue Room teacher. She comes to Monica Ros with a degree from UCSB and a professional background in marketing and public relations.   She took a break from her career to stay at home with her two children and discovered her passion for child development.  She has earned her Early Childhood Education units and has been a part of Monica Ros as a substitute, room parent, and a beloved volunteer for various programs and events.