75 Years of Developing Young Scholars and Old Friends


Monica Ros School Philosophy

Beginning in kindergarten, grade school is a continuum of experiences based on the philosophy of exploration and creative, hands-on learning that was instilled in the preschool years. In every class, hands-on experiences are integrated with skill-developing activities and a challenging academic curriculum. Our programs meet and exceed California State Curriculum Frameworks and follow the educational standards set forth by the California Department of Education in core subjects: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The academic program is enriched with ample experiences with specialists in music, art, Spanish, dance, and physical education. Special traditions at Monica Ros School are an avenue in which we inject a little magic into the student’s experience. Examples include Arts Month (during which the children work in multi-age groups to engage in art projects centered around a specific theme, medium, or artist), and our Gradeschool Play in which first through third grade students work together to perform (think Midsummer Night’s Dream or Peter Pan!) Instruction at Monica Ros School is broadened by cross-curricular experiences. In this environment, students acquire greater confidence in their ability to be independent learners and are able to grasp at an early age the interconnections of all subjects. For example:

  • Drama enlivens social studies and develops confidence in public speaking.
  • Art classes develop an appreciation for art which brings a new awareness to written expressions.
  • Spanish is integrated with classroom topics of study in math, social studies, and science, reinforcing conceptual understanding while learning how to communicate in a second language.


Monica Ros School has adopted the Superkids Reading Program with the goal that every child will leave the third grade a fluent reader. This reading program, which begins in kindergarten, is used throughout the grades and provides students with the solid foundation in phonics that is essential for good reading skills. Everyday Math, our elementary school mathematics curriculum, offers children a broad background and rich experiences in mathematics. The curriculum is activity-oriented and manipulative-based. Children explore number concepts with a strong emphasis on problem solving. There is frequent practice of basic skills through ongoing program routines and mathematical games. Each of our dedicated teachers at Monica Ros School genuinely loves teaching young children. That is what makes the curriculum work to the benefit of every child. We know that when we do our job well, our students leave Monica Ros with internalized values and acquired skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.