Green Room at Monica Ros School


Green Room at Monica Ros School

Monica Ros School is a progressive, independent private school focused on early-childhood’s opportunities. We support joyful learning, exploring, and growing. Our mission is to expand a young child’s natural passion for learning in a setting that celebrates Ojai’s natural beauty. The Green Room (our 3-year-old classroom) is housed in one of campus’ original cottages; the classroom has its own play yard and sand box, outdoor seating, and classroom areas devoted to imaginative play, a writing center, small group activities, and a kitchen for special cooking projects. There are 14 students on any given day of the week with our two beloved teachers. Green Room students experience specialized Spanish and Education Through Music classes, as well as participate in all Monica Ros School traditions such as Theme Week, the Holiday Performance, Arts Month, Founder’s Day, an individual classroom performance, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and more! 

The Best Part

Ms. Cooke: “I am amazed by this age-group of students year after year! Watching the evolution of their self portraits from the beginning of the year to the end is remarkable. Also their excitement over exploring “the worms” during our vermiculture unit for the annual Monica Ros Science Fair. The children in the Green Room are still so little, but are so capable and curious…it never gets boring!”

Mrs. Radford: “I love the tremendous growth that occurs in the Green Room. This age is a time when children are really beginning to develop the language and social tools to share the wonder they see in the world around them with others. Learning to pump on the swings or wait for a turn with a popular toy might not seem like much, but these experiences are the building blocks of social development that will carry them through life. These experiences will grow into perseverance, patience, empathy, cooperation, and more!”

Ms. Cooke
& Mrs. Radford

Ms. Cooke has been working with the preschool at Monica Ros for more than five years. She has all Early Childhood Education units for teaching preschool. Her degree is from UC Berkley. Ms. Cooke and her siblings JOYFULLY attended Monica Ros. 

Ms. Radford has a Bachelor of Arts in English and has taught preschool since 2011 at Children’s World in Ventura. Her deep love of student-led classroom exploration contributes to the excitement of the Green Room curriculum.