Our Beautiful Campus in Ojai’s East End


Our campus environment is truly magical. First it is clean, well-maintained, and fun, a place where children feel physically safe and emotionally secure.  The magic feel comes from the cozy classrooms (preschool classrooms are actually small homes built on the campus in the early 1900’s!) and the spacious, shady, outdoor grounds that offer a wide variety of play opportunities.  Come and visit us, nothing speaks more for our school than to see the campus full of happy students.

Parents are invited to visit with their children or alone (often a classroom will so appeal to a child that they will stay to “play” for a moment so that adults can discuss some greater details of the school.) Our office staff is proud to show-off our wonderful program, and our administrative staff is eager to meet you.


Come Visit! 

Tours are usually scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays at 9:15am (though we will happily accommodate your schedule as needed.)