Blue Room at Monica Ros School


Blue Room at Monica Ros School

Monica Ros School is a progressive, independent private school focused on early-childhood’s opportunities. We support joyful learning, exploring, and growing. Our mission is to expand a young child’s natural passion for learning in a setting that celebrates Ojai’s natural beauty. The Blue Room is for our four-year-old students who have either a variable schedule or come all five days per week. Students in the Blue Room have the option of moving on to kindergarten the next year (those turning five before September 1st) or attending another year of preschool. The Blue Room is housed in one of campus’ original cottages and is connected to the other four-year-old classroom, the Red Room. The classroom has a back patio that serves as its own play yard with a sandbox and outdoor seating. The cozy classroom has areas devoted to imaginative play, a writing center, small group activities, and a kitchen for special cooking projects (Mrs. Klimbal offers a FAMOUS after-school cooking class.) There are 16 students on any given day of the week with our two beloved teachers. Blue Room students experience specialized Spanish and Education Through Music classes, as well as participate in all Monica Ros School traditions such as Theme Week, the Winter Performance, Arts Month, a special classroom production, and more!      

The Best Part

Ms. Wright (Teacher): Coming soon!   

Mrs. Klimbal (Teacher):  I love every aspect of Monica Ros School and especially the Blue Room. Life in the classroom is always exciting! I love our small group time where the children and I explore hands-on learning through our math manipulatives, drawing experiences, number books, chalkboards, dry erase boards, and so much more. I love all our classroom activities and themes–building the rainbow, creating th ePost Office (my favorite,) and of course our dinosaur unit! I also love my time before and after the preschool school day; opening the school and welcoming the children is how I love to start my day, and working in our Stay N Play program allows me to maintain my relationships with students as they continue at Monica Ros.       




Ms. Wright &

Mrs. Klimbal

Martha Wright (Teacher) Coming soon!

Nancy Klimbal (Teacher) has been an enthusiastic and passionate preschool teacher for more than 20 years at Monica Ros School. Beyond all her Early Childhood Education units, she has also earned a Site Supervisor credential and has numerous additional certifications ranging from Education Through Music instruction to non-violent communication, Love & Logic philosophy, brain development, and more!