It goes by so fast…

A Successful Transition

We all want our children to be eager students: curious, resourceful, and resilient. The seeds for those qualities are planted in the first years of schooling. Their first experience away from home sets the stage for a time that seems almost impossibly far away to most of us parents: college. For years students have been wishing that they could stay at Monica Ros until college. Many parents would be happy if it just lasted until sixth grade….or, maybe eighth. But, what makes Monica Ros so supportive to the intellectual and emotional growth of young children is its emphasis on young children. 

The “Right Beginnings” are so important! Curiosity, confidence, empathy, resilience, are the bedrock for healthy development. Our earliest experiences form our self-concept; self-concept directs our choices, our choices are our future. 

Monica Ros prepares our students to pursue all their intellectual curiosities, and to do so with JOY. After third grade, Monica Ros students are prepared for a positive and successful transition to another school. The value of a successful move, of confidently navigating new waters, lays the foundation for many more such transitions throughout life. 

Where to? 

Monica Ros students have many options after their third grade graduation. The Ojai Valley offers education choices for every families preference…students can move on to other private schools, the public school system, or a variety of homeschooling cooperatives. No matter where your student transitions to, their beginnings at Monica Ros will carry with them throughout their life. As our students’ new principals have shared with us over the years, Monica Ros creates students who are “good citizens”, “thoughtful and confident”, and who are “intellectually alive.” Even though students and parents miss their time here, the love of learning that is established at the school continues for a lifetime. 

Ella Giuliani – her story in her words

Hello, my name is Ella and I am a graduate of Monica Ros School. I went to Monica Ros from preschool to third grade, and I think Monica Ros has made me the best person I could be. They have the best teachers. When I started Monica Ros I was scared to death to go on stage, but after a little bit at Monica Ros, I was acting, singing, and having fun doing it! I am now a fifth grader at Topa Topa School. From the first day, I was doing great with all the work and started to make new friends. My parents were so worried about me starting a new school but I did great! I feel that Monica Ros really prepared me academically and socially. Monica Ros School still feels like my family. If it weren’t for Monica Ros, I would not be where I am today. I feel so blessed that I got to start my school years at Monica Ros. I will cherish them always!!

The Moore Family

Monica Ros provided such a strong foundation for our children. We knew they were safe, loved, and cared for. They were nurtured and guided. Yes, they would have “grown” no matter where they went to school, but we know that their self-confidence, their poise and security in the world, all grew exponentially better because they were at Monica Ros

The Sakai Family

We like to romanticize how we grew up in a different time, when everyone knew everyone and things were simple and innocent. Life was a lot different when we were children, but Monica Ros appeals to us by reminding us of this idealized idea of our upbringing. The strong ideals that a community like Monica Ros instills in children lasts a lifetime. What a wonderful gift this school is. 

The Kuehn Family

All three of our children attended Monica Ros over a 20-year time span! Our young-adult children have no fear of public speaking thanks to their Monica Ros education–all the presentations and drama, Poetry Night and the plays. Monica Ros is a place where kindness is practiced. The culture of the school gives kids a sense of the importance of manners and serving others. We will miss shaking hands at the gate every morning, but know our children carry that respect for others into their futures.