75th Anniversary of Monica Ros School


When Mrs. Ros founded her school 75 years ago, she was inspired by her love of the humanities and her belief that music and theater were uplifting to even the youngest children. She understood that by providing real opportunities to build skills in the arts, children would find happiness and confidence in their accomplishments and develop an “appreciation for things to be learned.”

We enjoy this legacy every day and we honor it with our plans to mark Monica Ros School’s 75th Anniversary with a campus renaissance. A library and science lab will be inspiring places for “things to be learned.” An art cottage will anchor our commitment to the arts. Additionally, by growing our school’s endowment with one-fourth of the campaign’s fundraising, we will ensure the future of Monica Ros School’s ability to provide for our teachers, the heart of our school. 

Please donate now. By stretching to make your donation a recurring monthly donation for one year, we will meet our campaign goals! 


Creating lifelong readers and empowering lifelong learners

Envision a library filled with magic, wonder and possibility. It will be a place for peaceful reading and independent discovery. Books will always be home for children who learn to love reading.

Art Cottage

Art education strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills

Picture an art space with shelves full of materials, walls covered with paintings and plenty of natural light. Our enchanting cottage will inspire the artist and foster uninterrupted creativity.

Grade School Science Center

More space for Science and Exploration

Imagine a classroom that supports and reflects our emphasis on science and exploration. Our science labs will be hubs of collaboration and observation. A dynamic environment brings the world of wonder into the realm of understanding.


A gift that keeps giving

Build the endowment today to guarantee Monica Ros’ future. Ensure the funding of essential programs such as financial aid and professional development. An endowment will also preserve our small student teacher ratio and close community.

Two Trees Architects drawings of Library and Art Cottage