Yellow Room at Monica Ros School


Yellow Room at Monica Ros School

Monica Ros School is a progressive, independent private school focused on early-childhood’s opportunities. We support joyful learning, exploring, and growing. Our mission is to expand a young child’s natural passion for learning in a setting that celebrates Ojai’s natural beauty. The Yellow Room (our 2-year-old classroom) is connected to our Kindergarten classroom, near the school’s garden and large upper preschool playground. There is covered outdoor seating, and classroom areas devoted to imaginative play, small group activities, and circle time. There are 8 students on any given day of the week with our two beloved teachers–what an amazing ratio to allow for safe and secure exploration of our magical little school! Yellow Room students participate in many Monica Ros School traditions such as Theme Week, Arts Month, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and as an excited and supportive audience for all of the schoolmate’s numerous performances throughout the year! 

The Best Part 

Mrs. Garcia: Coming soon! 

Ms. Raines: Every day brings something new. The curiosity that develops from these bright, precious minds always keeps me on my toes. It is never a dull moment in the classroom! The willingness these children have to participate in the educational process with us is amazing. They want to learn as badly as we want to teach them! I am eager to educate and nurture our incoming students. 

Mrs. Garcia & Ms. Raines

Mrs. Garcia has been a long-time superstar of Monica Ros School! She has all of her Early Childhood Education units and more than 20 years of experience in education. Mrs. Garcia has taught Spanish at Monica Ros as well served as a preschool teacher and outdoor classroom teacher for gradeschool students. 

Ms. Raines has a deep commitment to Monica Ros and the education of young children. Her background is in preschool teaching; she has all of her Early Childhood Education units and has been at Monica Ros for five years. Ms. Raines has experience in curriculum planning and implementation which she enjoys adapting to meet the developmental stages of her students.