Monica Ros School Summer Camp

June 25 – August 43, 2018
9:00am – 2:00pm Camp Day
783 McNell Road, Ojai, CA  93023

The Nuts & Bolts
Summer is coming fast here in Ojai! Monica Ros School runs a very popular and well-loved Summer Camp for all children in the community. We ask that children attending camp are three years old (and toilet-independent), up through those entering 4th grade this fall.  Campers will be separated by age: preschoolers and children entering kindergarten in one group, and those students in or entering gradeschool in another, to allow for the most secure and comfortable range of exploration for campers.  Camp cost is $300/week. A second camper in a family is discounted to $200/week. Current Monica Ros families may charge camp fees to their school account, other camper’s fees are due before camp begins. Camp is from 9:00am-2:00pm; we apologize that no daycare is available after camp. In all weeks of Monica Ros Summer Camp there is tons of water play, classic camp games, take-home crafts, and an organic frozen treat each day.


Our Summer Camp Staff

Your children probably know our Summer Camp staff as their extended family! Many preschool teachers run a week or two of Summer Camp including, Mrs. Klimbal, Mrs. Krout, and Mrs. Weston.  Other staff includes many of our beloved playground staff, assistant teachers, and substitute teachers. Ms. Garcia is best known for creating amazing giant bubbles on the playground and her creative crafts.  Ms. Miculian is one of our Playground Staff team; besides having all her credentials and teaching at Sunrise Montessori in Santa Barbara, she has an extensive theater background. Ms. Pidduck, a familiar face from years past at Summer Camp, is an Art Teacher at Mupu School in Santa Paula. 

Summer Camp Themes from 2017

First Week: June 26 – 30

We kick off Summer Camp with a CAMPING theme! Campers learn about the night sky, nocturnal animals, and the fun of sleeping in the wild (listen to night sounds and guess the animal, check out the star projector, and create beautiful night sky art projects.) We’ll also be cooking over a campfire, in a dutch oven, and making ice cream in coffee cans to add a little edible fun!  Campers will identify animal tracks and enjoy a visit from the Forest Service as well.

Second Week: July 3 – 7 (note: no camp July 4 camp discounted to $240)

Campers this week will buy (or make–like churning their own butter) all their ingredients for their baked goods. The week begins with creating a Monica Ros Grocery Store and Farmer’s Market with signs and play currency. Next everyone bakes all sorts of yummy treats and sets up a stand to sell their goods to other campers and parents. Throughout the week we’ll make a chef’s hat and our own hot pad; paint a reusable shopping tote to take home too! P.S. On Monday all campers are invited to bring their bikes to decorate them for the Ojai 4th of July Parade.

Third Week: July 10 – 14

With an amazing plethora of materials, campers this week will create take home projects like wind chimes, a rock home for forest critters, bottle cap robots, fabric scrap baskets, and a water bottle planter! Work on a group collage throughout the week with recycled materials on stretched canvas. Learn about what happens to recycled objects, and how we make new items from old.   
See if you can make a round enough soccer ball out of crumpled

Fourth Week: July 17 – 21

Get ready for some delicious activities–campers will make their own aprons in preparation for all the cooking this camp will hold. Teachers will read stories and then create signature dishes from each book. Campers will write and illustrate recipes, and build a cookbook to take home. Lots of measuring, mixing, and melting for everyone!   

Fifth Week: July 24 – 28

Monica Ros campus has gone to the birds! And dogs, and cats, and turtles, and… This week of camp is full of everything pets. Meet agility dogs who will show off their skills and other service dogs who have important jobs like police assistants, guide dogs, and search & rescue dogs. Campers will sculpt their ideal pet with clay, and make a rock turtle to live in the garden. Older students will write a story about animal friends; younger students will paint a picture and tell their story to a teacher for transcribing.

Sixth Week:  July 31 – August 4

Let’s experiment! Campers will create exciting projects like film canister explosions, air pressure water cannons, and hot air balloon lift offs. In the hot summer days, we will play with ice cubes and ice blocks (recording melting times and different densities while we cool off!), try to fry an egg on the sidewalk, and use a solar oven to make popcorn and other snacks. Some of the great experiments of modern science will be replicated, like Pavolv’s salivating dogs (campers?) testing conditioning and response, and Alexander Graham Bell’s sound wave work to develop the telephone (tin can phone system anyone?)

For more information, and to register, you may email the office at or call 805-646-8184.