The “Right Beginnings” are so Important


Monica Ros School Philosophy

In preschool at Monica Ros School, we provide a developmentally appropriate program with emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities designed to enhance development in all areas: moral, social-emotional, intellectual, artistic, and physical.  Skilled, nurturing teachers support the children in the development of their socialization skills and in their quest to learn about the world.  Working in pairs, our teachers are experts at establishing a relaxed, friendly routine to ease the separation process between child and parent, and they help children experience success in interactions with their peers and other adults as they are guided in the process of socialization. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged, and we believe in ongoing communication between home and school.  We recognize each child as a unique individual engaged in the process of learning, and our dedicated teachers seek to fully support this individual growth.

At Monica Ros School, children’s creativity is fostered and they are cherished and loved during this impressionable time of discovery in their young lives.  Since children learn best from doing, our curriculum is organized to allow for hands-on experiences with a rich variety of materials.  We believe that the arts and language are integral to a child’s creative and intellectual growth; all preschool students are enrolled in special classes in music, movement, and Spanish.  A multitude of art projects are created in the classrooms, using various mediums such as paints, textiles, and natural materials. Preschoolers enthusiastically participate in school-wide traditions such as Arts Month every January, the Science Fair, and the fun-filled Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Fiesta, and the Founder’s Day Performance.  Each preschool class puts on an annual class performance amidst numerous additional opportunities for even the youngest children to be on stage.

Our campus environment is truly magical. First it is clean, well-maintained, and fun, a place where children feel physically safe and emotionally secure.  The magic feel comes from the cozy classrooms (preschool classrooms are actually small homes built on the campus in the early 1900’s!) and the spacious, shady, outdoor grounds that offer a wide variety of play opportunities.  Come and visit us, nothing speaks more for our school than to see the campus full of happy students.

Some Nuts and Bolts

The most beloved piece of a Monica Ros School education is the nurturing, powerful relationships formed between our students and all the staff they encounter. Each adult on campus is well-trained, educated, and demonstrates a distinct Monica Ros passion for providing positive early childhood experiences in a school setting. Most staff has been on campus for YEARS; you may meet Ojai natives who were taught by our Mrs. Fiore, Mrs. Luboff,  or Mrs. Weston and now their own children are enjoying a Monica Ros education from the very same teachers! 

A general idea of the daily schedule (more details on the Daily Schedule page) for the preschool program is offered below. Our classrooms are organized by age, though all preschool students share time on the playground and during after school hours. Before and after school care is available, beginning when students are in the Green Room, from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Please contact the office for current tuition and availability.


  • Two-year-olds, available for two or three days a week (the “Yellow Room”): 8:45am-11:45am
  • Three-year-olds, available for three, four or five days a week (the “Green Room”): 8:45am-12:45pm 
  • Four-year-olds, available for three, four, or five days a week (the “Blue Room” and “Red Room”): 8:45am-1:15pm